Exceptional Materials & Workmanship

The design and manufacturing process inherently provides choices regarding what materials are selected and which manufacturers we choose to partner with. We believe we have a significant responsibility to ourselves, our customers, and future generations to ensure that our values are aligned with select partners that share our same aspirations to protect the environment. We take pride in offering our customers exceptional products that are manufactured from world-class materials, handcrafted by highly skilled artisans and fabricated from sustainable materials by those that follow the best business practices throughout the entire supply chain.


Not your Typical Casual Shirt

Each shirt is sartorially (hand-made) in Italy by a small artisan workshop with master craftsmen who have been perfecting their art for generations. There are no shortcuts taken to accomplish anything.  The process is quite different than your “typical” manufacturing process. We use only the finest, super lightweight and silky smooth 100% Italian cotton spun on looms by master weavers. We hand select materials that combine exceptional softness, supple hand feel, and unparalleled durability.  Every shirt is adorned with hand-crafted genuine mother-of-pearl or natural, sustainably harvested horn buttons.  We believe the essence of a product is not defined by its price, but rather by the quality of the materials and workmanship that went into making it. The details matter.

Hand Crafted Belts

Italians are known the world over as the most creative and skilled leather craftsmen.  This is largely due to the highly skilled artisans, the superior quality hides used in their products, and their dye-making process which renders exceptional colors and textures.  Oxford Hounds uses only Italian leather hides that are hand finished using all-natural ingredients such as vegetable and plant-based extracts to dye their leather (e.g. tree bark, vegetable tannin) which results in a much stronger and longer-lasting leather product. This natural vegetable tanning process takes much longer to complete as it is done by hand. 

We select only the very finest full grain calf skin leathers tanned in Santa Croce, Italy. Our belt buckles are hand-tooled from solid brass and hand etched in a wide range of finishes. We use solid brass for our buckles and hardware due to its durability and resistance to any discoloration or tarnishing.  Each buckle is exclusively numbered and hallmarked with our signature logo.

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