Our Artisans

Every Oxford Hounds product is passionately designed from an original thought and concept. We entrust our creative inspiration to only those artisans that share our love for fashion and ascribe to similar values to create the exceptional. Every Oxford Hounds product is meticulously handcrafted in Italy from only the finest Italian materials with love, care, and pride.


Marco started in the belt industry when he was 15 years old. After 35 years of handcrafting belts, he still follows the artisanal regimen of painstakingly and meticulously crafting every belt one step at a time. His love and passion for his craft have garnered him worldwide recognition as one of the finest manufacturers of belts, applying his skillful touch to many of the most famous and widely recognized brands in the world.


Rosa, better known as “Gold Hands” has spent more than 15 years responsible for all final assembly stitching details on leather belts. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and work ethic unrivalled. Rosa spent her early career making clothes for Valentino, where she learned her craft and has been perfecting it is ever since. In her spare time, Rosa loves all types of handy-crafting. Her dedication to detail and passion to perfect her skills is a testimony to the true artisan she is.


Allesandro started his career in the shoe trade. He learned his craft as an apprentice in the proper technique of how to expertly refine the finer details of working with leather. Now, after an additional 9 years of honing his skills, nothing gets the final stamp of approval without Allesandro’s say so. He says proudly that he was never born to work in an office and loves his craft of creating beautiful things from one’s imagination.