Elevating Men's Fashion: Oxford Hounds - Your Destination for Luxury Men's Apparel

Elevating Men's Fashion: Oxford Hounds - Your Destination for Luxury Men's Apparel

In the realm of luxury men’s apparel, Oxford Hounds shines as an embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style. Founded by the visionary duo of James Tulin Sr. and James Tulin Jr., Oxford Hounds carries a rich heritage of excellence in men's clothing and accessories, fundamentally reshaping the concept of luxury.

The Artistry of Oxford Hounds

Every product bearing the Oxford Hounds label is a testament to creative passion and unwavering commitment. These pieces are born from original ideas and entrusted to artisans who share a deep love for fashion. What sets Oxford Hounds apart is its dedication to meticulously handcrafted luxury men's apparel in Italy, using only the finest Italian materials. This is luxury redefined, not by price tags but by quality and craftsmanship.

 Meet the Visionaries


James Tulin, the founder, and CEO of Oxford Hounds, brings over four decades of fashion expertise, including work with iconic brands like Ralph Lauren and Guess. His belief in luxury as an experience rather than a possession fueled the creation of Oxford Hounds as an extension of a family legacy.

A Unique Proposition

Oxford Hounds aims to fill a niche that's missing in the market - products that blend classic inspiration with unique design elements, offering unmatched value. Whether it's a casual shirt, a polo shirt, or a meticulously crafted belt, Oxford Hounds stands as a symbol of luxury men's apparel.

 Crafted in Italy

The brand takes immense pride in its commitment to quality by exclusively manufacturing its products in Italy. This pays tribute to Italian craftsmanship and ensures that every piece embodies the essence of luxury men's apparel.

 Exceptional Value

Oxford Hounds stands out in the luxury fashion arena with a direct-to-consumer approach, making premium quality products remarkably accessible. This commitment to unmatched value is a testament to their dedication to customers.

 Fashion with Heart

Beyond the world of fashion, Oxford Hounds is driven by a deep passion for animals. Their charitable foundation, Helping Hounds, supports homeless and sheltered dogs, making a positive impact that extends far beyond clothing.


Oxford Hounds isn't just a brand; it's a commitment to redefine luxury fashion. It's a promise of quality, craftsmanship, and social responsibility. Experience the legacy of classic men's fashion, reimagined for the modern world, with Oxford Hounds.

 How to Experience Oxford Hounds

To embrace the legacy of Oxford Hounds, explore our collection of meticulously crafted luxury men's apparel. Each item tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and timeless style. Join us in appreciating fashion that transcends trends.