Oxford – An Inspirational City

Oxford – An Inspirational City

We have long been inspired by the city of Oxford, by its history, its importance academically, its architecture and open spaces.

In this article, we highlight a few of our favourite things that you need to know about in our namesake City:

1. Radcliffe Camera

Arguably one of Oxford’s most recognisable buildings, the Radcliffe Camera dominates the picturesque cobbles of Radcliffe Square, located in the centre of the city. Built in the early 1700s in the English Palladian style, Radcliffe Camera forms part of the world famous Bodleian Library, and is the earliest example of a circular library in the UK.

2. Bridge of Sighs

The iconic Bridge of Sighs is much-loved and highly recognisable. Linking two parts of Hertford College, the bridge is famed for its similarity to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Completed in 1914, Oxford’s version of the bridge is more ornate and full of charm. We love it here at Oxford Hounds because it links Oxford with Italy, very much in the spirit of Oxford Hounds.

3. The Grand Cafe

The Grand Café is an opulent icon of Oxford. Oozing Parisian Style, from the elegant, gilded exterior to the glamorous mirror-clad interior. This is the go-to place for afternoon tea, ground coffee or a cocktail or two!


4. Christ Church Meadow

What could be more quintessentially English – mist over a country scene, against the backdrop of the grand splendour of Christ Church. Christ Church Meadow is a tranquil open space perfect for wasting away a sunny afternoon in the city. The college-owned green space is completely free and accessible to the public during the day and is home to a herd of longhorn cattle, a gift to the University from ex-US President Bill Clinton.

Oxford Hounds combines the very best in British style and Italian artisanship.

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